Powerful Engineering. Beautiful Design. Certified CBD.

The Dr Watson CBD pod system is ergonomically designed with a smooth, tactile finish and powerful draw to give you the best possible vaping experience and make you feel good. Its smooth tactile shape fits comfortably and discretely in your hand. Lightweight at only 24 grams, you can carry it unnoticed in your pocket. But don’t be fooled, this little magic vape pen packs a powerful punch.

Each CBD pod is 1.8ml (2-3 times larger than other major pod system products) and contains 6% CBD and ~2% terpenes. Terpenes and CBD work synergistically to maximize effectiveness, creating something called the entourage effect.

Designed by engineers. Low resistance ceramic anti dry hit coil produces consistent vapour. A tactile finish and smooth edges to fit comfortably in hand. Lightweight and travel friendly. With a powerful draw, this might just be the world’s best CBD vape and CBD pod system.

With your starter kit you will receive one device (battery), one charging cable (micro USB), one wild mint pod with 120mg CBD, and instruction manual with QR code taking you to lab certificates.



Our wild mint CBD is a blend of several mint, menthol, eucalyptus, and peppermints flavours with terpenes. Without being overpowering it is cool and refreshing, and the OG Kush cannabis terpenes remind you of the real thing. This is the home base pod that you will receive in all of our starter kits


The Doctor’s favourite: Georgia (USA) is world famous for peaches and has a 150 year heritage for growing the worlds juiciest. Georgia is the home of Dr Richard Watson and where our farms are located.

This delicious flavour is not just juicy and sweet but cool on the draw. Lemon Haze terpenes uplift your taste buds and deliver that Sativa buzz.

Dr Watson CBD Pod Pack Flavours | 6% CBD 240mg per pack | Berry Kush | Amalfi Lemon Haze | Brazilian Mango | Ice Peach | Wild Mint


We love the Amalfi coast. They make some the best lemons in the world there. Just like a sweet coastal breeze, this zesty lemon flavour will deliver you Italian summer wherever you may be. Subtle Lemon Haze terpenes.


A unique blend of forest berries and OG Kush. Heavier on the terpenes for those who like the subtle taste of cannabis, but light enough to be enjoyed by those who prefer fruitiness. Rich, powerful, a perfect blend of earthiness and fruit.


This is a tropical paradise of flavour. Mango is the star of the show backed up zesty passion fruit, and Lemon Haze. You won’t find a better Mango e-liquid on the market. This is one of the most popular flavours amongst our users - The mango is strong, as if it were picked straight from the Amazon in Brazil. :)

Dr Watson CBD Pod System | White Device with Berry Kush Flavour Pod high strength


How many other CBD vape products are backed by a PhD scientist and hemp expert?

To answer your question, none others that we know of. When you buy CBD online from Dr Watson - you are buying quality, guaranteed.Our products are 100% safe, legal, and compliant with local laws in the countries we operate. We believe in our products 100% as does the Doctor, however our products are not intended to treat, cure CBD for Anxiety or any other illnesses.


What is better, Dr Watson CBD Vape Eliquids or CBD Hemp vape pod system?

There is no objective answer to this. When you buy cannabis oil online it hard to know what's better. Some might prefer the CBD vape Eliquid flavours we have available where as some might prefer to buy CBD Vape Pod System. If you already own an open tank vape it might be better or more convenient to just buy hemp Eliquids, ultimately you do get more liquid in an Eliquid bottle. 

However, some people have reported loving using the CBD vape pod system because  of the fantastic flavours, as well as convenience of use. There is no messy filling involved and it lasts quite a while, and the pull of the device is strong and effective.


Why Choose Dr Watson CBD Vape Pod System over other brands?

We know that buying Cannabis Oil or CBD Vape online can be difficult with the amount of brands that are available and all saying their stuff is the best. If you are deciding on a pod system, here's why you choose ours; device charge time is 30 minutes; the pods are twice the size of any competitor, the pods have a greater CBD content than other brands, and you get 2 x 1.8ml pods per pack. Guaranteed toast longer than others. If you are looking for value for money. Look no further. 

Dr Watson CBD Vape Pod System With Lemon Haze Flavour Pod


How Many different CBD flavour Pods are available?

When you Buy CBD pods online with Dr Watson you have the choice of 5 different mouthwatering flavours, each crafted by a Michelin-trained chef and vaping flavour connoisseur having products some of the most popular flavours in the industry.


When I Buy CBD Pod packs from Dr Watson, What do I get?

All of our pods come in packs of two, each pack containing 240mg of CBD derived from organically grown US hemp. Our High Strength CBD pods combine for 3.6ml of liquid which lasts a lot longer than other leading pod systems. 


How Long will a CBD vape pod last me?

Each Pod has 2ml of liquid, and each pack has 2 pods. This is approximately 4 ml of liquid in a pack of pods. The average pod has typically 350-400 draws in each use. So you can use your CBD pod system throughout the day and not worry about pod replacements anytime soon. Once a Pod is empty, please recycle responsibly.

With a choice of 5 different flavoured pods that are known for being some of the best CBD Eliquids in the UK, there is no other pod system to consider. 


What Is in the CBD Hemp Pod System Starter Kit?

When you buy our CBD Hemp Starter kit Pod system you will receive one smooth tactile rechargeable device, a USB charging cable and one Wild Mint flavoured pod. After this pod is finished you have the choice to buy replaceable pods to go into your device in 5 fantastic flavours. The pod hardware is made in China. The liquid in the pod is made in the UK in fully ISO accredited facilities. None of our products contain nicotine. We don’t sell addiction.


Are there any stronger CBD vape pods available?

Unfortunately no, not at this time, this 6% CBD pod we have found is an excellent starter for both beginners, and regular users of CBD Vape. However, if you are looking for something with greater strength to vape. Try our CBDxCBG BIG HIT device, this is 50% concentration of a range of cannabinoids. Many have reported this to be our most effective product yet. 


Can I use CBD Vape Pod Starter Kit for anxiety?

While we believe in our products 100%, Our products are not intended to treat, help, cure any kind of ailment or illness. Including CBD for Anxiety. We strongly suggest seeking medical advice. 


Can I use CBD Vape Pod Starter Kit for sleep?

Again, while we believe in our products 100%, Our products are not intended to treat, help, cure any kind of ailment or illness. Including CBD for sleep. We strongly suggest seeking medical advice. 


Can I use CBD Vape Pod Starter Kit for pain?

Just to reiterate once more :) While we believe in our products 100%, Our products are not intended to treat, help, cure any kind of ailment or illness. Including CBD for pain. We strongly suggest seeking medical advice. 


Do the CBD Vape Pods taste like Marijuana?

No, all of our pod flavours are made using CBD Isolate (flavourless) and terpenes from cannabis strains as well as natural flavours. This combines to give you a fruity sweeter flavouring making them enjoyable for all.


Is CBD Vape Safe?

Public Health England state that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. Given that the only difference is taking nicotine out and substituting CBD. We can tell you with confidence CBD vape is okay.

IMPORTANT – Pod Packs do not come with a device. You must purchase the device starter kit to receive a device.



Are the CBD vape pen and pods refillable?

Technically the pods are not refillable and they are not sold to be refilled; however, a few customers have reported that the pods are ‘hackable’… We don’t recommend this.

Are the CBD vape pen pods recyclable?

We take the environment seriously, and so we have put in place our own recycling system: Take your pods back to the store where you bought them, and they will give you a credit towards your next Dr Watson purchase. We send these pods back to the factory to be recycled. You can also put them in recycling.

Is 6% CBD high strength?

It’s enough for the average person to feel the effects, and it’s not too much that you can’t keep puffing away on your device throughout the day. We have a 50% disposable device coming out soon called the BIG HIT. This one will knock your socks off.

How long will each CBD vape pod last me?

If you use the device regularly each day, one pod will last you 1-2 weeks. Which means a pack of pods (£19.99+ VAT) with two pods should last you up to 4 weeks if you use it regularly. That’s good bang for your buck.

What’s up with the recent bad publicity around vaping - is vaping bad?

Vaping has some bad publicity recently, and the headlines have painted an unfairly negative and biased view. Public Health England state that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. 100% of the health problems in the US are caused by illegal marijuana vapes sold by bad actors. The UK has not had this problem because marijuana is still illegal recreationally. We believe this publicity has largely been funded by big tobacco, attempting to turn people away from vaping and back to cigarettes.
To date there have been ZERO reported health complications from vaping CBD.
When buying vape products make sure you buy from a reputable brand that is transparent on the ingredients and shows lab tests!

Why don’t you sell a CBD and nicotine product?

Firstly, it is against the Tobacco Products Directive to sell CBD with nicotine in e-liquids or vapes. Secondly, it goes against our ethos as a company: We want to help our customers live better lives, and we feel that nicotine addiction is not congruent with that mission.

Is there a subscription program so I can get pods delivered every month?

Yes. Coming soon. Please email us at hello@drwatson.co.uk to sign up and get your subscription set up and discount!

What ingredients are in the liquid inside the pods?

PG, VG, CBD, flavours, blended cannabis terpenes


Ever wonder how vaping became a thing and who invented it?

The first non-cigarette, smokeless, electronic cigarette device (“vape”) was invented in 1967 by an American named Hilbert A. Gilbert. This visionary with a funny name patented his technology invention as “a safe and harmless means for and method of smoking.” Hilbert, who apparently was a two packs (of cigarettes) a day sort of guy, named the device “Smokeless”. Poor Hilbert was 50 years ahead of his time, and no company wanted to invest in his technology or mass produce it for him. Vaping is now a $14bn industry. Tobacco companies are desperately scrambling to compete and paying huge premiums for vaping companies, or inventing their own.

But what does this have to do with CBD? We owe Hilbert thanks for his pioneering technological innovation, without which we may not have been able to design and deliver to you the Dr Watson CBD vape products, CBD eliquids, CBD pods, CBD pod system, CBD disposable vapes!

Here’s Hilbert’s patented design, which looks amazing similar to many e-cigarettes on the market today!

Just like our vaping products, Hilbert Gilbert’s original device contained zero nicotine.

Thank you, Hilbert Gilbert. And thank you to your parents too for that amazing name of yours!